Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I remember 'our Tony' during his leadership days he will always stand out for me as the man who encouraged our politicians from all sides of all the divides to yank their tie off ,take their jacket off and roll their sleeves up to give the impression that they were getting down and getting dirty with the rest of us to save our great nation, The reality was they were doing bugger all ,but Tony had invented 'spin' so everything was a photo oppertunity to be taken advantage of and used. The country hadnt sunk, but you could hear the rocks in the shallows scrapping against the hull. The other fine thing he did was get us into an interminable war with our 'special allies' under a real nutjob of a president. This was a good excuse for Tony to spend lots of time across the pond 'cementing' our' special relationship.

The main reason for our politicians enthusiasm for this 'special relationship' is that its a good pension fund for them when they leave the 'house' . Tony handed power over to that other fellah we've already forgotten .Then he went home wrote his memoirs, went back to the 'states' and earned a fortune on the lecture circuit. Nobody over here' d be arsed paying to spend an evening listening to Tony.

Tony ,then got a job. With the blessing of the U.N. Russia, European union and America he's representing the 'Quartet 'bringing peace n' harmony to the Middle East. His ,charitable Tony BlairAssociates ,of which nobody knows nothing ,except Tony is raking in quidsinzillions for whatever he's supposed to be doing.

The Middle East is the most alien place on Earth. There has been war, strife ,blood snot n' tears since, never mind history ,but since time began. Today the powderkeg has gone up again ,but worry not ,this time they've got Tony Blair to 'sort it'. You can tell he's working on it as he's not wearing a tie ,shirtsleeves are rolled up and bugger all seems to be happening.


Thud said...

Back when we were doing geography in 3rd year (wake up there Leatherbarrow) we started on Israel and suddenly the yom kippur war broke out. It was a bit of a puzzler for mr Murphy(?)...should we study a place that may no longer exist? Luckily for him and the Israelis the good guys prevailed.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Ahh ,Mr Murphy nice skinny bloke ,but had a way of hitting you with a floppy old gollosher that stung like hell and hurt worse than big buck Jones hitting you with the rugby boot....Ah happy pain racked days!

Thud said...

when I wrote suddenly broke out I didn't mean in 3b, the only thing breaking out in 3b were pimples.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

If we ever do finally manage to meet up ,aside from the ravages of age ,we'd never recognise each other without the pimples ,boils ,acne and dried snot smeared across our grotty little cute faces....I'll have to get the marker pens out and do some face painting to recapture my not so glorious youthful good looks.