Wednesday, 27 November 2013


A few weeks ago my good tall grey wispy haired Geordie mate Simon Malia treated me to a ticket and a lift to Manchesterland, although it is the wrong end of the M62 for me there is times when situations demand this selfless sacrifice of my geographical principles ,this was one of those times. We had tickets to go and see a certain Mr PETER GABRIEL.

I had his 'SO!' album for quite a while, but never really played it ,as i had a couple of his GENESIS albums and never really played them. I used to play a lot of music, but tended towards RADIO5 and RADIO4 extra these days, old fartdom setting in i s'pose!...But i slowly got to like the 'SO' album and GABRIELS tunes and slightly gravely voice and listened more and more ,until fairly recently delved into the realms of early GENESIS and confess to loving them. Even the silly bits ,but the sweeping melodic bits are wonderful ,frustrating even ,as you cant really whistle them as your washing the dishes or walking the dog as us 'living life on the edge' cartoonists do!

But GABRIEL was replaying a few acoustic bits he was working on ,all very good ,then some electric pumped up bits and finally the whole ,but not quite! of the 'SO'album.....And very excellent t'was too. The only piss off factor for me ,and when i'm having a drink one day with Mr PETER GABRIEL i will be mentioning it ,is that he never played a favourite of mine SAN JACINCTO!....Swine!

But it was a great night and he seems to be a nice bloke as well and if he's round the right end of the M62 i might even drop in and tap my toes to him again!

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