Friday, 22 February 2008


I don't know if anyone has noticed the lack of inciteful ,finger on the pulse observations and comments lately ,but despite rumours to the effect....It's not because i'm a lazy bastard!...Well, i am ,but not this time. No, this time i've been stuck in hospital sharing a bed with a huge abcess on my leg. It erupted over about a week or so ,rather like a bodies' version of a volcanic eruption. I was rushed into the operating theatre and hacked up ,split n' spliced, then plonked back in a bed for the week. But now i'm home in the busoom of my family(and the dogs). Being visited every day to have 'packing removed from my leg and bandages changed . And bloody sore it is too. I have wondered wether the maggots should be used. It worked on a wounded SEAN BEAN in an episode of  'SHARPE'!!!!!!!!

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