Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Some days a caricaturist will sit and 'do' someone ,and sometimes he can actually please and suprise himself. While other times,well, he wont!...There are other times where he doesn't come within a country mile of capturing the 'likeness', as we call it in the trade. One such example for me was a certain ,MR DANIEL CRAIG. Who the cultured amongst you will recognise as the new 'JAMES BOND'. I thought that it would be a good idea to 'do him'. Keep my portfolio,(a drawful of torn tattered sheets of doodle n' scribble covered papers.)..up to date. Well could i capture the likeness of the aforementioned mr Craig?...Could i shite!.....I'd sit and scribble, sketch, and draw ,and try and approach the task from any way i could think of .All to no avail. I covered envelopes ,beermats ,margins of books,tablecloths with quick little sketches. And, sometimes i caught a likeness. But, when i tried to reproduce that likeness properly,could i ?....Could i shite!

The funny thing about this ,is , that this isn't the first time it's happened. I tried to 'do' the late great STEVE McQUEEN.And ,could i ?...could i shite! It was pointed out to me that the two faces causing me such grief , frustration n'pain were of very similar facial structure. This dazzling insight was supplied to me by that well known caricaturist and 'smartarse' SIMON CASSINI. When he and the missus,the lovely SHEBA came to visit. My missus, the lovely(of course) LYNNE, couldn't understand why i was always drawing pictures of STEVE McQUEEN...."I mean he's dead isn't he!...",Women! they just don't understand! I suppose it does become a bit of an obsession for a caricaturist just trying to reach for that likeness /essence, whatever. The other day i sat down and had another go at 'DANNY BOY'..When Lynne came in she thought it was a good STEVE McQUEEN,but when i explained it was DANIEL CRAIG,she wasn't too impressed. But i had a go at a pencil drawing the following night and it wasn't bad. I've done a 'quickie for this which you can see. But i've also included a picture i did of PIERCE BROSNAN and STEVE McQUEEN, When they did the remake of the McQUEEN classic ,the THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR. Jeez! this caricaturing lark is murder. Poor CRAIG n' McQUEEN , Thankfully they will never know the hours and days i've looked at their disgustingly handsome faces and cursed and hated them.

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