Thursday, 30 April 2009


Theres always been wars, but not many were everybody hasn't a bloody clue as to"What the hell are we doing here?"....But the invasion of Iraq is one. The U.S ofA. Gawd bless their mom's apple pie dragged us in. Blaming a not very nice, but fairly harmless dictator chappie, a certain mr S. Hussein for the terrible 9/11 hijacked aircraft smashing into the New York Trade Towers. The results of which were as big a shock to the bearded madmen planning the strike in a cave in Afghanistan. When the whole structures came crashing down in a city wide cloud of dust and rubble they were probably as amazed as the rest of the world. So, to battle terrorism theU.S. and us. (we have a special relationship with the yanks.) invade Iraq and police Afghanistan. Which didn't end the war against terrorism, probably 'kickstarted' it. Every muslim and his mate are tramping from Leeds or Bradford to train as terrorists in Pakistan.
But much to 'our special partners' disgust ,"The goddamn Brits're pulling out".... As everybody knows the Americans won all the wars when they "Pulled our butts outta the fire of,again!" It's not over yet, tho' as we'll be entrenched in Afghanistan till 'hell freezes over'. The Russians invaded from virtually 'next door' and 'had their arses kicked'. Are we going to have much more luck fighting this gorrilla war, i doubt it. The U.S. may throw their massive resources into Afghanistan ,if they don't blow us up with 'friendly fire', they may even hit some enemy soldiers hidden in the hills. But it didn't work in Vietnam, Korea, or anywhere else so the 'war on terror will carry on and on and on...'

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Thud said...

My wife's family are Vietnamese...they considered themselves well beaten by the american military but saved by the actions of the anti war left and media in the west....some things never change.I have faith in obamas ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.