Friday, 1 May 2009


Catch it !
Bin it !
Kill it !
.......There you go .The swine flu pandemic ,sorted. The Flu-fighters spent millions on getting the brains behind ;'Go to work on an egg"; "Snap, crackle n' pop"!; "Put a tiger in your tank"; "The Milky Bar kid", etc, etc....To get to work on fighting the flu-pandemic. Not with drugs ,or medical facilities n' stuff, no something a lot more powerful and effective a 'SNAPPY SLOGAN' ...I sneezed last night, the Lovely Lynne asked me if i had swine flu, but it wasn't flu, but i am a swine. And i didn't sneeze with a spanish/mexican accent ("El -koff-o !....El- sneeze-o !"), so the pandemic hasn't hit our house yet. Mind you, it is funny that for years mexican food has been killing peoples guts, now a few runs from the upper levels of the body, the nose as opposed to the 'other end' and the world flies into a panic.
The Lovely Lynne had to go to a meeting about the pandemic, i suggested, "just for research purposes", you understand, she wears a sombrero, a poncho , swigging a bottle of Tequila . Then in the middle of Manchester sneezes. Just to see the reaction.


Thud said...

Your wife obviously puts up with a lot from you!

monkey said...

i found it funny that all the interviews on the news with possible infectees had to be done ove a mobile phone or even better over the garden fence!!! thats how we prevent it stick up a great big garden fence!!

Cathy said...

The Manchester Sneezes, like the York Shambles, are of great historic interest. Sometimes they're populated by strange dancing guys in white, with bells, waving hankies around.

Just in case.

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