Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Just a little one today!!!!.....As i was eating my perfectly boiled egg(4 minutes in boiling water)... And my toasted crusty bread, i was choking laughing at the latest revelations in the MPs' exspences debacle. After a week or two of enjoying themselves at Labours 'Browns boobs' variety of disasters, fiddles n' fiascoes. It was now the turn of Camerons 'crowers' to feel the might of the whistleblower and the Daily Telegraph(good name for a pub, that!)... So everything from dog-food to shandaliers to moats, and helicopter pads were thrown in the mix.. I was choking on my breakfast, literally 'pissing myself laughing..Oh god this is wonderful stuff! The politicians are all showing their true colours and they're not just blue n' red and whatever colour the LibDems are. These pathetic swindling bastards who are sorry because they've been caught and exposed are out on their doorsteps waving cheques that they are going to pay back what they've claimed with...Now this is what politics and politicians are all about, great stuff!

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