Wednesday, 27 January 2010


After the horrific eartquakes that hammered the hell out of Haiti the other week, people still manage to survive ,even though there was a terrible loss of life, illness and injury and streets full of rubble and rubbish; A goverment totally useless and unable or unwilling to help its people....Basically at the end of the day the standard of living post disaster isn't that much different than it was before. The main shock to the world is that people ignored the place when it was a poverty stricken shit hole, but now its gained a bit of respectability being a disaster zone it has the eyes and attention of the world on it for now, anyhow. Pop stars that most Haitians have been fortunate enough never to have heard and movie stars they've never seen, and , of course Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell, who even the Haitians know. They've all got together to have give a hand and be sincere. Stars and politicians(which are very similar creatures in the U.S.) spoke of rebuilding Haiti, giving the locals work; rebuilding the infrastructure and industry, imports and exporting produce ,etc, etc. All very nice and sincere, but stuff that Haiti never had or did in the first place.

Aid workers powered in from all over the place and did their best, as did the U.S. But even the locals as well as all the other countries were angered and upset the way the US took over 'the show', as the military literally invaded the island. The US have a long history of sending aid and 'security advisors' to help protect , help and police foreign reigions, its just getting them to go home after thats the tricky bit.


Cathy said...

This made me shriek with laughter, Tim (of fake hamster fame), not least because it's so perceptive and horribly TRUE!!!!!

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Oooooohhhhh, shucks!..T'weren't nuthin!
Bashful blushing Tim xx

monkey said...

tim i have been meaning to post about this for he past week but i fear i will sound really bad, i totally agree with what you are saying. just another little thing to make obomber and his trail of low life libral shit head celebs to feel so wonderful. if you ask me let the lot of them kill each other over kitchen sinks and spare tyres. why should we help and give money when thay do nothing for themselves im sick of hearing about it.

Thud said...

Tim...the U.S. military has more capability in one of its constituent parts than all aid organisations put together as was seen in the Pakistan earthquake,tsunami etc. If I was one of the starving or injured I would only be too happy to see the stars and stripes as only to many have been,the U.S. military always acts and acts knowing it will recieve no thanks...none whatsoever other than those thanks of the only people that count,those of the needy...ignore the cries of the variuos ngo's...they have their own agenda.