Monday, 8 February 2010


Once upon a time there was a time when 'our boys'...Who've neveractually gone to war, butmore along the lines of having been sent to war. But they'd go off to the land of the baddies and give them a good seeing to and the flag would flutter high and proud over the latest aquisition to the empire. All well and good and perfectly reasonable. 'our boys ' would be armed and ready and well supplied for any eventuallity or resurgence of 'baddies' activities that may and normally did occur in the future. Our latest military jaunt has taken 'our boys' to that desolate hell hole that was, is and will always be Afghanistan. Why we're there? who knows! How long we're there for?....Who knows!....All we know is that a group of fellahs living in the mountains who've never been defeated by various invaders throughout history, even the might of the Soviet army and they're next door neighbours. These sweethearts're blowing the hell out of our badly equipped and funded 'lads', (gawd bless the politicians) with roadside bombs n' booby traps ; rockets and a variety of 'stuff guarenteed' to upset a good nights sleep, if you knew that some psychotic nutjob was on a hill nearby overlooking your base armed to the teeth with said 'stuff'. But the politicians have decided we shall not curl up and surrender!.....No, we're British!....WE'LL PAY THEM TO RENOUNCE VIOLENCE!!!!!.....So the British taxpayer will be comforted in the knowledge, that, instead of paying for equipment for 'our boys', we'll be paying to keep their boys happy.

And this groundbreaking military genius doesnt end there, no! The 'Homeland,the battlefield that is 'good ol' Blighty, herself'. As we all know and the 'spooks' in MI5, and all the various security and police departments know there are hoards of terrorists living free and easy in the land that they want to blow to hell. Apparently their assetts are frozen and money spent must be accounted for with receipts ,much as any businessman must do. But this is, TERRORRISTISM, so no checks any more on our terrorrists they can help themselves to any money and benefits they are no doubt entitled too. There, that'll show 'em.

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Cathy said...

They tried something like that with the Danes, didn't they? Problem was, the Danes (being a forgetful bunch) forgot they'd been paid and kept coming back for more ... perish the thought that history repeat itself ...