Thursday, 1 April 2010


My old Irish grannie used to say people were "full of Piss n' wind!"....A very wise lady was my ol' granny! Being from the fair city of Liverpool many of my friends n' colleagues from all points north, south ,east n' west of that fine city have voiced similar sentiments. As most scousers do seem to be partial to the odd drink and have a lot to say for themselves .But this has never bothered me ,as most of the Fine folk that line the banks of the River Mersey ,being of Irish heritage we do like a drink and do like to talk and have a 'bit of a crack (no not the drug)'...So many scousers do like 'going on the piss' and a good drinker needs good wind,(to talk and pass) like a set of bagpipes needs to keep the bag inflated to keep playing. But it has come to pass its not the people of Liverpool that are full of wind ,but the city itself.
Apparently some smartarse clever people have worked out a way of extracting methane gas from the coal seams under the city, hugh chunks of the northwest , and out into the mersey bay and Irish sea. This will supply power to thousands of homes and industries,( or those that are left). And keep us going 'till we're overun with nuclear power stations..So this thousand millenia -old fart gas will undoubtably turn Liverpool into a miniature Texas, so there!
So if your with me one day on the piss and your smell a farty gaseous smell, it wasn't me it came out of the ground, under the cracks in the pavements of the backstreets of the fine city of Liverpool, so there!
I got all this from my blogging mate 'Thud',from his blog 'OVER THE WATER',which you can click on over on the link side of the page, he's linked into a newspaper article explaining it all. He's a clever lad....Now, he is full of P&w!!!!!...Only jokin' ,mate!


Thud said...

Mt mother always says I'm full of 'it' I know what 'it' is!

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Grannies n' mams ,wise ol' birds all of them!