Tuesday, 30 March 2010


The other week i was walking the dog through some local woods and espied not one, but two Asda trolleys stood side by side amongst the undergrowth and thought isnt nature wonderful now spring is sprung, shook my head and wandered off. When i got in to the house ,i put the kettle on and the telly, just to help me plug into whats going on in the world, you understand....Not to catch up on my Sky+ recordings, obviously ,'cos thats what you were thinking wasn't it. Hope your ashamed of yourself, judging people by your own low standards. But as soon as the picture appeared there was something about JORDAN/KATIE PRICE, now theres a suprise thought i. Apparently she was talking husbands and out of the two boobs she's been married to ,she got the names mixed up and was talking about her 'ex'PETER ANDRE, rather than the present cage fighting /Holloaks(?) acting new Mr Jordan: ALEX REID. So, obviously this was the big news beamed to all four corners of the globe. Again i found myself shaking my head...I'll get the hang of life ,one day, i s'pose.
I had a look up (phnaar, phnaar) of Katie Price on the computer and read about this silly cow who is, well everywhere and with everyone and every ,every that the ultimate' chav',can get involved in and squeeze as much publicity out of Thats not my description, by the way ,before cage fighters start kicking the door in. She was born in '78 ,so she's about 30 and she's had 3 autobiographies published. Jeez! i'm (aaaaagh!) 50, this year and i'm not sure i could fill one. Her private(?) life has been documented and filmed before, during and after her marriages .She'll appear at the flipping of a coin. Now shes writing, with ghost writers ,novels and childrens books. But ,apparently she has been refused addmission to some high class events ,such as CARTIER- sponsored Royal polo tournament, as "she's not the type of person we'd like attending our functions". The Queen goes n' she gets in(?).....Funny that!.. Couts bank refused her, even though she had the money reqired for them to let you in. Whatever she is ,or does ,she has about FORTY MILLION POUNDS !!!!....for doing it. Good luck to you, girl ....I'm shaking my head again.
She travels the world to get her nails done and hair extensions put in. I saw a picture the other day and she is a big busty girl . And this is after shes had her boob job reversed and made smaller as she was worried they'd start to droop after the birth of her kids.....My god!, if they did start to droop ,she'd need to wheel them around in an Asda shopping trolley, or two, one for each. Those two in the woods ?..Nah they couldnt be, I've not seen her mentioned in the WARRINGTON GUARDIAN......The heads shaking again!


Thud said...

Your pic frightened the bloody life out of me....what a frankenstein like creature she is.

caricature lafontaine said...

Salut jeune homme,
Cette 'mujer' est véritablement bien équipée. Je reconnais bien dans cette caricature ton indéniable talent.
Keep on cartooning
Trebor Eniatnofal

monkey said...

she's a role model to our children, and even though she has had failed marriages and children by different men flys all over the world and leaves her kids with god knows who, she is a great mother too.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Ahh she is indeed a fine lady ,to be sure.......I must admit i wonder if my nerves would hold up if she 'made a move on me'one night in a posh celebrity hangout that i might frequent in the capital...Nah! i think she'd scare the living daylights out of me.

Cathy said...

Talking of scaring the living daylights out of you, young Timbo, I notice that you had a comment on Chichi Parish's blog whereby you accused me of complicity in her blotting paper problems. This is a grossly unfair defamation of character and I will be demanding you explain yourself should we meet at Shrewsbury. Which actually seems likely.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

You wouldnt dare do anything to me, I am truly pathetic when i curl up and beg for mercy. And if you are hard enough to proceed with your unwarrented retribution against me ,i must point out i have a very low pain threshold and i'm also a 'bleeder'...This could be damaging to your very expensive cartoon fes'ball gowns, you may need reams of said blotting paper.
Love and begging for mercy pathetic Tim xx

Cathy said...

You're not a 'lucky bleeder' then, Tim?

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

My luck only changed when you entered my life ,my sweet xxx

Anonymous said...

saw this super hot picture... check it out