Monday, 29 March 2010


Well they can give him all the time they want before 'this message self destructs', as Jim Phelps the fearless leader of the IMPOSSIBLE MISSION FORCE(IMF), or that lot from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, that great ol' series from the sixties. Jim was played by craggy faced twinkly eyed Peter Graves. Sadly, aptly named considering he recently'popped his clogs' and died. Any more missions, unless they invole clouds, harps n' halos will prove bloody impossible. Or as they say in good ol' Scouseland "Dead impossible,mate".
Ah well another link to my formative years snaps. It was a great old show and everybody remembers the music and the explosive fuse fizzing away as the way over the top, but wonderful opening credit sequence ran. Then Jim would turn up in the middle of nowhere in a kids toy warehouse on a merry go-round; A ladies toilet on an oil rig: A shed on an allottment in the middle of the artic circle,or someplace as equally obvious to recieve secret instructions. He then had to listen to a tape message that would tell him about some general or scientist from behind the 'iron curtain', always from countries that ended with'DAVIA'. Then the voice would tell him they were in deep shit if they were caught as nobody was going to admit to knowing anything about anything. They'd wish him 'good luck' and inform him the tape was going to blow up in his face in ten seconds....Its a great life being a secret agent.
The cartoon was featured in HA magazine, just click the link to the side and you'll be whisked away.

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