Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Ahhhh As the new year blasts into the new decade with freezing snow ,shootings ,soaring taxes and V.A.T,plague, disease ,floods ,pestilance; Jordan divorcing Alex Reid; Politicians begging for forgivness as they get dragged off to jail for screwing the incresingly screwed taxpayer. But its not all bad news , as LIVERPOOL F.C.'s reputation and table position plummets a miracle has happened. It might not be the second coming "He's not a messiah ,he's a very naughty boy!"......But he's a short ,big eared , slightly battered looking scot ,who may be British ,but doesnt ,as far as i can work out ,speak English.....He's back , one of L.F.C.s all time greatest players and managers, a certain Mr Kenneth Dalglish of the parish.....KING KENNY IS BACK!!!!!.....And long may he reign, i just hope the moneygrabbing bastards who run the club will bend to the will of the fans and Kenny seems up for it, let him carry on even after the season end. As he said himelf, summing up the ridiculous manager situation in football these days. "If i last 'till the end of the season i'll be the longest serving manager in the football league!"...Often a true word in jest!


Thud said...

Ah twould be nice if everything couldcold work out well but I'm afraid this is no fairy story, mind you some of the lads have been playing like fairies lately.

Anonymous said...

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