Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Hello one n all your hero has returned!....No more will you have to drag yourself baffled , befuddled and alone through the drugery of life ,as i'm back ,somebody whose even more baffled ,befuddled and alone then all of you lot. Your pathetic 'cos you read this shit ,well, what about me?...I write this shit! But after dragging myself through the pain n heartache of my 51 st birthday, literally as i nearly got myself a hernia recieving 'The lovely Lynnes 'birthday present.....A whizzo, zap bang ,cor blimey ,guvnor ,printer .....Its got every thing ,which'll be thouroughly wasted on me .I can sit there for hours and listen to the multitude of bleeps ,blarps and bloops that come from the mass of lighted buttons that cover the front of the bloody thing. I actually think that most are just for show, just to keep the kids , well not the kids ,as they understand how to work it all ,but its simple minded ol' farts like that have the problems. So with my hernia ,slipped disc and trusty printer i can voice my concerns over the strange life and world we're stuck with and in.

My nautical opening title was brought on by the fact my lazy bone idle routine was horribly interrupted by being dragged off kicking and screaming to Birkenhead Secombe ferry terminal ,where is situated the WALLACE AND GROMIT SPACE EXHIBITION. They wanted me to work??????.....Drawing superheroes for the kids. They come to me with ideas for superheroes and their powers ,etc and i have to draw them up. I tell you there are some strange childish minds lining the banks of the River Mersey. Coming home i jumped the great ol' Mersey Ferry and basked in the sun as it made its way along and across the fair river, it was great i'd forgotten how great the ferries are i used to love riding them when i worked for a company years ago in the Cunard buildings alongside the beautiful Liver building ,(100 years old the other week!).....Then to recover from the strains that inflicted work had done to my system ,we went off to the Welsh coast to wash sheep shit off the dog and count the jelly fish on the beach.

Anyhow i'm off to do important stuff like wash the dishes before the Lovely Lynne takes it upon herself to rip me balls off. So 'till we meet again ,probably tomorrow.


john said...

Nice to see you back,although I don't suppose you'll read this as you'll be watching all those flashing light on your birthday present...belated happy birthday...
Took my granddaughter to see the W&G exhibition ( only because I wanted to see the plastacine models myself)
..we had a good day out ,never been on the ferry before ,only the Royal Iris..do you remember that ?

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

A'right there r' kid! ..Dear me ,there you were ,right by the ferry terminal and you didnt have a go....They do have a bar on board you know. Ah the Royal Iris ,theres a blast from the past.
Havent been following the blogs during my enforced sojurn ,but i shall dive into yours and mark your homework, so to speak.

Good to hear from you again ,mate take it easy.

Thud said...

Tim returns....with a much needed dose of insanity to illuminate my present exile to California....I got a bit misty eyed about the Mersey for a sec there.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Ah i feel for you, stuck over there in impoverished USA, feeding your hard earned pennies into the economy of of California. The swines've got me working at New Brighton on Sunday, some kind of pirate day. They're sailing a galleon past the fort, the cannons are firing gunpowder blanks, while explosive charges go off around the fot and on the beach, should be interesting, but you can get that anyday ,just nip down to Disney or Universal, etc.
Anyhow ,ol son hows the family old and new? Send my regards and let me know when you get back, keep in touch before that ,theres only you n' John talk to me .

Anonymous said...

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