Monday, 29 August 2011


As one of my faithful followers ,John the CARTOONMAN...(I'll bung a link on his site , but for those who cant wait ,have a look at various comments on the blog and you'll find the lad.)...I shouldnt advertise him as the' little get' is becoming a fairly decent caricaturist and i'd noticed he'd done a few' good 'uns' of the Goon show stalwarts of HARRY SECOMBE, PETER SELLARS, and ,of course SPIKE MILLIGAN. As i have a heap of GOON related daubings and scribbles ,i thought to save having to do anything fresh i could bung them on the blog and show this 'young pretender ' how its done with pencil and ink ,none of this new fangled computer nonsense. And , as we have an A3 printer now , i can scan some never before revealed A3 bits ,there thats one of the benefits of having an A3 printer, ahh ,see i'm not quite as stoopid as generally rumoured , understood and agreed upon by the people who know and love me! So if your not GOONED out yet ,you soon will be.


john said...

Thank you Tim for the compliments...little get and young pretender aren't what I usually get called...:)))
some great drawings here of the goons ..I envy the fact that you met some of them...what an experience...keep up the good work !!! old @^*...haha

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Cheers 'r'kid you've done some gooduns there, i'd put a comment on your blog ,but for some reason ,my fault i dont seem to be able to master the infinite techno skills such an earth shaking task requires ,so i'm not ignoring you. ...You haven't been talking to the missus ,have you? She calls me a old @^*...ha ha!