Tuesday, 12 June 2012


There was a lot of funny fellahs over the years a few examples ;SPIKE MILLIGAN, PETER COOK. MONTY PYTHON TEAM, JOHN LENNON,(he was quite witty and liked playing with words) ,but they all said at some point one of their inspirations was an ex BBC sound engineer by the name of STANLEY UNWIN.

The ex-BEEB sound engineer was quite simply a total nut!....He developed this way of speaking in total gibberish , which although total gibberish could actually be basically understood. But more importantly was ,in my mind the funniest thing in the world ,i absolutly loved him from the first time i heard him speaking. I found a heap of YOU TUBE footage and have been useless as i've been crying laughing ploughing through interviews and lectures by this nutter!

I worked as an on the spot caricaturist at a function in Liverpool a number of years ago and happened to glance around the dinner table that me n' the LOVELY LYNNE were sat on and i nearly choked 'cos sitting with us was ,the man himself..PROFESSOR STANLEY UNWIN!!!!....I couldnt believe it and had to introduce myself, i was so excited. Lynne sat and talked with him as i had to go and draw the guests. He was amused as Lynne told him that she'd only ever seen me this excited three times. Once when i found a breakfast cereal a few days previous which i thought they'd stopped making years before(Oat Crunchies,lovely!)...Second , when the daughter was born and most importantly meeting STANLEY UNWIN.

He was a really nice old fellah and talked the legs of me ,but only a tiny bit of UNWINESE, just as well as i fell over laughing ,in my posh and only dinner suit, no less. When we left him he wanted to send me a recording. But as he explained in a note he sent a while later ,he'd been ill and sure enough a few weeks later that wonderful old fellah' Springey popped his bootycloggy podes' and died.

He was buried next to his wife who'd died years previously. Typically he had on the tombstone..."REUNITEY IN THE HEAVENLY-BODE....DEEP JOY!"....Without doubt a total one off.

The caption on the cartoon is the opening of his narration of the SMALL FACES classic OGDENS NUT GONE FLAKE album.


Thud said...

I admire your priorities deeply, you are a very shallow man (daughters birth besides)...much like me! Are you up for eats on a sunday about a month from now...enough notice?

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Slobbering n' drooling already!...Synchronise calendars and let me know!

Anonymous said...

What a joylode!! Oh yes! Are you a thority on the basic Engly Twenty Fido? Indeediho! Shall I giveit you a quickly run thrume on the fundamole of the thorcus, there?
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Anonymous said...

well,I admire your honesty but can't say I approve.