Friday, 28 November 2014


Aainst all the odds and with an extreme, for me physical and mental strain  i awoke with the alarm clock, which has been quiet and unused for quite a while now, until yesterday when at the ungodly hour of 7AM the not so dulcet tones of that pain in the arse, CHRIS EVANS awoke me from my slumbers. With lightening reflexes, well for that time in the morning , with a single bound i leapt from the bed and headed for the toilet, shower and razor to begin the '3S's'. Well it was the least i could do, i mean i was going to meet royalty, wasn't i?....Yep i wuz!

Recently i started going along to an art studio in an old community centre in Warrington centre, just to meet a few eople and the guy who runs it, a nutter called MORRIS RILEY might teach me a little oil painting. The olod building was due to be demolished by the council, to be replaced by 'YUPPIE FLATS!!!!!'.....Yep more 'effin' 'yuppie flats ,just what every local community desperatly needs.....What in gods name would they need a community centre for when they can have yuppie flats?....Or would it be something to do with the property developers? Now c'mon, Tim, the ol' cynic in you is coming out!

A very strange thing then seems to have happened. The local people who nobody would normally listen too, esspecially the council who faithfully (?) serve them......Actually listened to them. They asked for their community centre and were given it! But if it didn't 'work' it was going to be demolished as originally planned. So they went ahead and got the place going and gawd bless'em the place is' bouncing' with all kinds of activities, and only gone and won some royal award!

It was for this reason that i was walking up a wet grimey street at 8.30AM and the street looked suspiciously quite, totally empty. I walked in and a few people were around, but piles of police, bomb squad, sniffer dogs who weren't that interested in exposives as the new canteen, which was being opened by the mayor this day was cooking a buffet of all kinds and the dogs were more interested in sarnies then semptex!

I  headed for the kettle and started my umpteenth attempt at a DANIEL CRAIG caricature, originally attempting an acrylic picture,but decided to ink over the paint, and a black and white ink drawing of 'our glorious leader'DAVID CAMEROONE.....We also stuck a few cartoons on the wall, Morris esspecially wanted the caricature of the Queen rocking and rolling from the concerts of her Diamond jubillee. He reckoned we'd get done for high treason when the DUKE OF KENT saw it, and come Friday morning we'd be chained to a dungeon wall in the'Tower' nibbling bread and water......And i'd loose my knighthood!


                                                                                  So eventually the DUKE OF KENT came around and we shook hands and had a little chat, my daniel craig got the royal seal of approval. I pointed out the DAVID CAMEROONE, referring to him as"Our glorious leader!"....With a wicked touch of humour in his eyes he gave a long "HMMMMMMMMM?"...I believe "Our glorious leader" isn't too highly thought of  in the hallways of  'Buck-House'!!

He seemed a nice bloke and spent a lot of time talking to the 'people', he didn't want ,press,councillors, politicians, mayors, etc,etc, they came later to open the canteen and guzzle the'bucks fizz, which we were happy to help with.

 day today.....Meeting the pope!

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