Tuesday, 7 August 2018


 "No man is an island!".....So they do say ,never quite sure what it means ,but i'm sure its true ....Living alone may be considered as living as an island , shipwrecked aboard the desolate beach that is your life, trying to survive and stop yourself going insane with loneliness. But desert islands as we all now them dont have, tellies,  local ASDA superstores and local boozers.....On my lonely little island in Warrington i haven't seen a single palm tree and havent tasted coconut milk since my days in India !....And that definitly wasn't a lonely deserted island in a painted ocean!
 The old literary classics used to like desert islands as many of those adventures were of our jolly jack tars sailing the oceans fighting everybody and if they didnt have anyone to fight , a good mutiny ,so a fight amongst themselves ensued ,but at the end it would result in some or one getting washed up on a tropical beach .....Palm trees waving, the sort of place we'd pay a fortune to go to nowadays....Never ended up on some rocky barren lump in the north Atlantic, or the Isle of man, or someplace. No , it was barefoot in the sandy beaches eating coconuts and fruit.....Just as well Robinson Crusoe was alone for most of the time and Friday kept out of his way as he must've been farting his brains away with shockin' wind with all that fruit ,veg n' roughage ,i know thats what it does to my guts !

As everybody knows desert island jokes were a staple of the cartoonist . A little lump of sand with a single palm tree with a few coconuts under the leaves and a bearded ragged man sitting against the palm tree , and lest we forget there was always the bottle with his note begging for help bunged in it thrown on the waves to be picked up by a would be rescuer who would spot an empty bottle floating in the Pacific ocean 200 years later!.....

We thought as the Earth was the only place in the universe that had water ,our human cartoonists would be the only life form in the universe to draw desert island cartoons ,but with the discovery that the universe is saturated with water ....Desert island cartoons could be drawn and published right across the cosmos.

Human suffering has always been popular for the cartoonist from some poor soul lost in the middle of the ocean , to the poor soul lost in the desert gasping for a drink of water, deserts and oasis' were another staple in the cartoonists diet, but nowadays nobody is shipwrecked or lost in the desert and lost souls in offices with IN  and OUT  trays have gone with computers, etc , have all these poor lost lonely souls disappeared or is it the cartoonist whose disappeared?.....