Monday, 14 May 2018


It's ironical in a way that the most unsociable activity that the wonder of modern technology has given us is given the name social. Every person on the planet give or take a few odd sorts who haven't got a phone spends their days gazing and tapping text on their little flat screen to send messages or see if theyve recieved messages from someone ,anyone' it doesnt matter. There seems to be an excited urgency if you recieve a message on the phone through ,google ,Twitter ,Facebook ,etc ,etc...They are a lot more important than the people who are actually with you wherever you may be.

As the years have gone on and the social media has taken us over ,the streets are full of people shuffling down the streets and crossing main roads totally concenterating on who likes their latest facebook message instead of the double decker bus trundling inexorably towards them. I remember getting knocked into in Liverpool a few years ago by people on their phones ,texting and getting a little irritated, but a few weeks later i was working in Macau and the streets were filled in the densely populated islands and everyone was on phones . I had been doing some boxing training and just as well as you had to be light on your toes, esspecially when it was raining as they'd have their umbrellas in one hand and be texting with the other , as they were short and looking down i nearly lost my eyes a few times getting cuts on my forehead from the umbrella spokes. Apparently they'd tried to have texting lanes with symbols of people texting on lamposts ,but nobody saw them as they were looking down. When they tried putting them on the ground they were blocked by the phones

I was caricaturing people by request , but as i'd go to their table i'd get a quick glance before their head would drop 90 degrees from a sociable vertical to a social media stare as the caricaturist was forgotten for the joys of social cyberspace. I drew a guy as a black circle with ears i explained it was the view from the top of his head which was all i had to work with. Families would eat and every single one was away somewhere far away on their phone to people far from their loving family and friends who likewise were in contact with other vitally important people on the network....Insane media.  

I'm not the best when it comes to spelling and punctuation ,but typing on the lap top has done me no favours, but i do try. I try and write relatively normally ,but refuse to go into text speak and refuse point blank to join the LOL brigade.

It amazes me how people get so upset when they havent got their phones ,kids and adults behaviour is identical . The most important item in any house is the chargers ,of which there are a number scattered about the house. The phone is now becoming the only bit of technology that people can work. I wonder will anybody have the scientific knowhow to invent anything new other than phone APPS and hi-tech things like SELFIE STICKS ?

The TWITTER phenomena is something that totally pisses me off, every body has an opinion ,but as soon as JEREMY CLARKSON screws up on a question on 'WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE' or The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES has something to spout they and 50 billion others have to have their limited character say. All the news programmes and newspapers now see fit to broadcast and print these twits tweets , i don't think i've ever read one i liked , a few words in amongst a heap of twitter symbols and twitter addresses. At least an e-mail is a sort of traditional letter(ish) ! 

Anyhow i cant waste all day writing this crap....Ive got to go onto FACEBOOK to tell everyone what i had for my breakfast !

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