Monday, 16 June 2008


Part of the small print hidden in there amongst the marriage'vows' is something about sharing everything. Well, thats ok by me. I take the view, that if i haven't been able to hide whatever 'it' may be, well enough, and the 'Lovely Lynne' finds 'it', well, ok we'll share 'it'...I'll just have to make a better job of hiding 'it' next time. You can't be too careful with these missusses. They are crafty scheming creatures and must be watched. Not like us hubbies, we are simple souls, who are quite simply, lyin', untrustworthy rats, on the whole. At least you know where you stand with a husband.
The last few days have been very quite and i suppose a little 'post holiday blues' set in. I just felt a little 'Pissed off', simple as that. I just let my dark mood pass over like dark clouds always, eventually do. Every cartoonist, spending a lot of time alone soon learns that the only person to get you through these 'downs', if you want to call them that is 'you!' The Lovely Lynne kept on at me about 'still being in a bad mood.' The more i try to convince her, that all will be well, the less she believes me. The situation, now, is that i'm coming out of my little pissed off period(POP). Now she still doesn't believe me. She has taken my bad mood, which i thought was 'well hidden' and is going into a (POP) of her own. Well, that's the point its not her(POP) it's mine. She's using a bad mood as in the basic principles of Tai-Chi and most martial arts, by using the force(bad mood) of her opponent (me) against him(me) in this battle of 'pissed off wills',
Since i'm weaponless, cos i've no bad mood and i'm happy, cheerful and defensless, i'll have to use charm n' humour to strike at her vulnerable points and disable her.... Do you know what i think i'm in trouble!

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