Thursday, 12 June 2008


Yup!....Over in Disneyland as Mickies stunt double....Got off the plane to a blast of, Gas mark 7 oven heat of about 97 degrees. That was probably the coldest day too. The next fortnight was spent sweating me knackers off walking around the theme parks of Florida. We actually stayed in Disneyland, which has had a strange effect on me. I don't know wether i've been brainwashed by Disney. Or, i've been inspired by Disney. Theres all this stuff about it being where dreams come true and this being the year of a million dreams.....You get this stuff all the time. But even the most cynical of Scouse/Irish cartoonist has got to be impressed with the imagination and organisation that goes into...Well, Everything! And it does work, you find yourself being cheerful and grinning like a bloody idiot, except when your queing up for rides or Mickey Mouses autograph, for 'the litte 'un's' autograph book.

I found myself getting a new appreciation for the older cartoon stuff. This combined with the stuff at Universal. Well, i've come back busting to draw cartoons; read comics; Watch films. Basically, i've regressed(or advanced) back to being a 12 year old. Belief in the power of the imagination, something i'd lost, to an extent has been rekindled. I'm reading a biography of Mr Disney and even sporting a quite smart Mickey Mouse watch. The idea is to, well' just remind me' to stay out of 'the rut', everyday life can force you into. Well, we'll see if it works

From the land where dreams come true, in the year of a million dreams...To the land where' Bad dreams come true and everythings a load of Bollocks'.Yup! Good ol' UK.....

America is a very odd place. All the telly channels seemed to be Judge somebody; Oprah Winfrey-types;Religious fellahs with white suits,hair n'teeth spouting off endlessly; Or, news prorammes with a gorgeous blonde lady and a hunky guy in a suit, full of smiles n' patter, even when the news is awful. And, of course theres Sport n' sit coms. The reason the Americans're so insular and ignorant of world affairs is quite simply, because non of it is reported. Me n' the Lovely Lynne couldn't believe that the Iraq/Afghanistan fun n' jollies...Hardly got a mention, anywhere. The presidential elections, a 3 legged cow in Idaho, The baseball and the weather were basically your lot. The big story was Hulk Hogans son, whose in jail for the death of a soldier buddy in a car race while' under the influence'. Hulk and his son where planning a' reality' show, when he came out on bail, or something.

On the way home i picked up an English paper, full of dead soldiers; Shithead prime ministers; Mp's fiddling expenses; Petrol going up (The Yanks cannot believe how much we pay for petrol, they pay a fraction of our rate of extortion.); Etc,etc, all stuff ,not to make you homesick, but sick of home.

When we get home, next door have got two yapping dogs. And i've just heard the goverment have proposed Local council deal with Nuclear waste....Local councils ,god the goverment are bad, but local councils!!!!.....Liverpool city council, the bunch of nutballs n' tossers organising(?) the Liverpool city of clutter. "20,000,000pound shortfall, eased by shutting down carehomes around the city; The opening stage show Liverpool -centre of the universe, or something, had everybody pissin' themselves laughing ..They weren't meant to, but that doesn't matter. And something called the Deprivation Barometer says Liverpool's Englands most deprived city of clutter. The Liverpool city council handling nuclear waste?....Oh god,get me outta here!

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