Friday, 13 June 2008


After going on about the dreamland of the imagination that i experianced at Disney, and trying to avoid falling back into the 'rut' that is everyday life. Well, dear reader, everyday life must've been reading and decided she wasn't going to let me get away with that. Everyday life is a woman i've decided, as she works hard to make life miserable for you, then gets angry when you don't appreciate the effort she's put in.
Everyday life took her revenge on me as i took the 'Little 'un' to school, and 'walked the dogs'. I gave the 'Little 'un' 10 quid for something ,which she promptly lost. I had a 20 pound note which i gave her and haven't seen, it, or any change since. So, 30 quid down and i haven't even had me bloody breakfast, not even a cuppa, as the 'Little 'un'd 'Taken the last of the milk. So, in situations like that the only release is to feel sorry for yourself and 'pissed off' with the world. I find it a very theraputic thing to do. Sod, all this laughter is the best policy and is good for you. And it takes fewer muscles to smile than frown, maybe so, but they're bigger muscles, thus i find frowning and scowling a lot easier.
It was then that a friend of mine Frank,turned up, telling me to look on the bright side n' stuff. I think it would've been perfectly reasonable to 'smack 'im one ,in the gob'. The basic problem is, Frank's a jolly happy chap, always in a good mood and always talking to people. Even screaming kids don't bother him. He takes carloads of kids to various 'activities'....I've been in the car with him n' the little darlings. It nearly drove me nuts. I still wake up screaming like a Vietnam vet having flashbacks at night. Franks glass is always half full, whereas mine varies between being half empty and, "Hey! Whose drank half me pint?..Bastards!"...Disneyland seems a loooong way away.

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