Friday, 15 August 2008


Most of the population of our country walk around dressed as olympic athletes. When all the Johnny foreigners arrive on our shores in 4 years time for the London Olympics, it'll scare the shit out of them when they see the whole country looks like the biggest Olympic village in the world, as everyone from London to Liverpool and all points north walk around in track suits and trainees. The sad truth is that we all dress like athletes, but most of us haven't an athletic bone in our body. Adults watch sport on the telly, whilst the' kids' play sport on computers. And we all live on grease ,gristle n'good ol' fat, as well as 'the ale' n' fags. So, what should we do, well i'll tell you. We all start popping all those steroids and Beta-blockers, or whatever and soon we'll have a musclebound, fit population (with a good head of hair) to do all those track suits n' trainee's proud. As we're all ace sportsmen (and sex gods), we can compete all over the world and wipe the floor with everyone. and we wont need to go out at some ungodly hour in the morning to practise and train,or watch our diet and lay off 'the pop' n' fags, just keep popping the pills.
The national lottery and the goverment would save a fortune as they wouldn't have to worry about supplying those(us!) lazy slobs that they represent and govern with sporting facilities like playing fields and sports centres. Just keep Boots supplied with the tablets and Britain could be great again.

The goverment are talking about legalising drugs, again!...These drugs that create crazy addicts, nutcases and keep our jails full and the streets dangerous places to be, as well as killing people. Admittedly they do kill a lot of celebrities and pop stars, which is something in its favour, but on the whole, drugs are bad and dangerous and despite this may be legalised. Whereas the drugs that build up your health, stamina , fitness, speed, strength. reactions, mental and physical, can cause hair growth, increase sexual capacity and size of relevant' bits'. Basically all those things needed to become 'Supermen n' women'. Of course, these wonder drugs are strictly illegal and banned all over the world.

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