Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Whenever you read a book about Karate, Kung Fu or the martial arts in general you will quite often see those badly drawn deformed looking outline drawings of the human body covered in dots showing, 'Points of ATEMI'.These are the bits if you give them a whack, or a kick, will hurt the unlucky recipient. As anybody who has had a go at Karate knows, you don't have to be in a combat situation to hit or be hit in these officially recognised 'pain points'. All you have to be is a new member in a new club in which unbeknownst to you is filled with WORLD CLASS' fighters and competitors. Now over the years, a little while back now it has to be said 'yours truly' gave and recieved a few smacks in competitions on a much smaller stage than the world stage these guys were used to. I attacked and was blocked hard, then whacked with a counter blow. Then roles were reversed and for some reason i still came off worse. I was reminded where my own personal points of Atemi where. The knowledge along with the pain stayed with me for a few days. Knees ,elbows, neck, and the sternum , which got a good punch and hurt like hell, but only when i breathed in, or out. I also smashed the fingers of my left hand somehow. This uncomfortable condition was exacerbated by The Lovely Lynne, who rolled over in her sleep in bed. Right over my hand! The screams must have been heard far and wide, breaking windows and causing several police murder squads to go on full alert. My sympathetic beloved when she'd come down off the ceiling, yawned, told me i shouldn't've been on her side of the bed, turned away and proceeded to carry on snoring, grunting and farting with a clear conscience,god bless 'er. It's nearly a week and i can just about clutch a pen...I tell you ,Grasshopper, if they start lobbing spears, i'm off !

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