Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Once upon a time summer went on forever. Long sunny days running around ,playing 12 hour games of footy with your friends or going on 40 mile bike rides to god knows where. Then autumn came as the nights started to draw in, although the evenings were still 'balmy' and pleasant. Then , eventually winter arrived with the clocks going foreward and we were back in school waiting for the run up to x-mas. Now its all different. Summer's no different to any other part of the year, except for the fact that it rains more than most of the rest of the year. The streets and green areas are totally bereft of kid playing. They're all in the back room watching the telly and playing computer games and only making any attempts at communication if they want something. But the main difference to 'everything' is the total disapearance of autumn. Winter replaces summer at approximatly 7.00 pm one Saturday night....'Bang !'....Its now Winter!.......The beginning of the dark depressing oppressive winter is the NEW SERIES OF THE X-FACTOR.
That collection of talentless deadbeats n' no-marks who for some reason consider themselves qualified to be a celebrity, as that is all they want to be, not an artiste, or anything just a celebrity. And it is their god given right to become a star. They are totally oblivious to the fact that they are shite and everyone thinks they're shite. Friends ,family, laughing qualified (?) panellists,( they're in the buisness y'see)...The jeering thousands in the audience; The scoffing millions watching on the telly and re-enjoying the humiliation on 'you-tube, etc. I would love to become famous on the X-Factor set by blowing the bastards on the panel and the chirpy comedian presenter to bits with a high powered rapid fire combat rifle. But ,for some reason i am alone in my hatred of the X-Factor. My family love it,they adore it, its great. We have the SKY+ system, so we can't miss any of it. And to make matters much much worse i also find myself forced to watch STRICTLY COME DANCING. Which i also dislike, although it has to be said ,not with the venom reerved for'X'....So as once saturdays used to be:The wrestling; Football results from every single person in the British Isles who trudged onto a mucky pitch and booted a soggy heavy leather footyball; Doctor Who, adventure series and films. Now its dancing and screeching. And lest we forget the stereotypical celebrity expert panellists which are spreading like a virus on the spawning pandemic of various types of talent shows. The cartoon storm clouds of gloom hover over my head on a Saturday night whilst the Lovely Lynne and the Little'un literally shine with pleasure and joy. And then they start showing it on a Sunday as well......I'm not a celebrity,but get me outta here!


Thud said...

tim...I surrendered and I just sit comatose around the box with assembled family...grin and bare(bear?) it my good man.

monkey said...

i too sit in utter disbelief that the british public gets sucked into this shit, however i have to admit it loath strickly more than x factor. its just odd.

Cathy said...

I don't have a telly, so the only time I see Strictly Come Dancing is on TV screens at the gym. With no sound. It looks fun, they wear pretty frocks (including the fellas) and the judges are people who used to hang around the Dance Centre and the Pineapple in the days when I used to do likewise and it's interesting to see how they've aged.

What saddens me is the way that people who would otherwise be comedy scriptwriters for TV are totally out of a job and reduced to putting ridiculous articles on blogs!!!

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

It's all taking its toll the sequins the dresses, reminds me of taking the floor of the Grafton ,ask any Liverpool lad or lassie ,now i only wear my sequins and dresses when i'm writing these crappy blogs.
Tim(cynthia) xxxx