Thursday, 22 October 2009


Sky news are trying their hardest to get our party leaders together to do a live pre election debate ,live, or as live as politicians can get, on the telly to battle out the policies and the rest of the bullshit they feed us every day and give us a chance to determine whose bullshit tastes better than the others bullshit. The yanks have been doing it for years and they are connesseures of chateau de bullshit. Maybe their fine palete will be cultivated by us brits. Personally i think we should forsake the round table of debate and go into the round cage of cage fighting. I'm sure Sky's beloved leader Mr Mad axe- Murdoch would be more at home screening cage fighting on his networks than policy debates, hard hitting and far reaching though they may be. The viewing figures for Brown, Cameron and Clegg ,barefooted and kicking , kneeing, elbows, headbutts and roundhouse kicks to the face body and all points south of Westminister would be astronomical and knock Strictly come dancing into a cocked top hat. And as for the X-Factor, wouldnt get a look in.
Traditionally politics is dead easy and boring, you've got the shower in power and the rest!..Whatever the shower in power say, goes, is it!...The others the opposition disagree with absolutly everything said n' proposed by the shower in power. So, they have the best and easiest job in the world. Then when and if,god forbid, they do take over they just blame all the screw ups and fuck ups on the previous shower in power ,and that the policies that screwing up the nation were initiated when the previous shower were in power, and its nothing to do with the present shower in power....Simple, really and brilliant in its stupidity.
Being an opposition ,or shadow minister is a wonderful career for all us lazy, bone idle ,unqualified arse'oles..... You don't actually do anything, even if you wanted to and you get to look good on the telly, as everyone hates the shower in power, or the goverment , as they are known to those who understand the workings of our great democratic system. So, by disagreeing with them, you can't fail to come out on top.

But the worst thing that can happen is that they vote you into power, and you might be put in that very awkward position of actually having to do something, not a lot, heavens forbid, but something , from time to time. I think,in the future you'll see a lot of MP's expenses going on gymn memberships as various debates and even prime ministers question time moves from across the table to inside the round cage fighting ring due to be installed , within the house of commons. Prime ministers question time will be peak time viewing.


Cathy said...

I personally enjoy a really powerful shower, but at least they leave you feeling clean afterwards.

Interesting idea about the caged fighting - at least it would be more honest than what they do at the moment.

Thud said...

Have you been at the coffee again?

Cathy said...

Who, me? No, I have a caffeine sensitivity.

monkey said...

i think they should do it x factor style. let the shower of shit go through auditions and simon cowell can tell them what a shower of shit they all are. but eventually its down to the public to choose what kind of shit sounds best only for the winner to fuck off to usa to suck up to that shower of shite for a year untill its time to come back serve the public that put them there. only for a disgruntled fan to smack them in the gob.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Hello , boys n' gurls, ....Daddies back from sun n' flies in a borrowed house in Portugal, burned , bitten n' and only slightly hung over ,honest! Good to see my 'faithful' have missed me, i s'pose i'll have to get back on the coffee and put the world back to rights again. Gotta go the kettle and the eggs are both boiling and if i'm not mistaken theres the scent of burning toast in the air.....
Take it easy ,one n' all
Tim xxx

Cathy said...

Hello Cosmpolitan Timmikins,

Re: Fog Cartoon on my Blog

Tim - there's actually lots of blood, guts and road kills on the road but you can't see them because of that thick Fog (no I don't mean the magazine of the PCO); the wreckage is so big that I couldn't fit it on the cartoon so it's off to one side (stage left). So there. And it's still an effing funny cartoon. So there. And just to make sure you read this I'm putting a copy of it on YOUR blog, too. So there.

Yours, appearing in the mist,

Cathy xxx

P.S. So there.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

It's just in case you were effing going all soppy n' gurly on me, as Nigel Molesworth may've said. But if you stare at your cartoon long enough ,you can see wreckage n' blood n' guts and wobbling wheels sans car, and emergency vehicles and on lookers and television crews and you as cartoonist on the spot scribbling away to record the scene for laffs n' giggles, thats wot we do!
Chastised Tim Molesworth xxx
(Your going to ask me who Nigel Molesworth is aren't you?)

Thud said...

molesworth has bee a hero to generations of school included.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Dear Fotherington Thomas
Ahh ,well your a cultured ex Wet Park skoolboy, chiz, chiz!..I met Nigel in 'Back in the jug agane.' a copy i bought in that bookclub that they had in skool,i think it was called scoop, or something. Remember?...I visited the ol' skool about 10 years ago and they were starting to knock the place down. You could still see the old desks and roll over blackboards, still covered in writing, it was a little strange, memories just came flooding back. Your ugly mug was in there.
Nigel 'M

Cathy said...

No I am not going to ask you who Nigel Moleswworth is any fule kno who Nigel Molesworth is and he was a formative influence on me at a very young age when I myself was Back in the Jug Agane. And I still go around saying 'helo sky helo clouds ect ect' just like fotherington tomas.

So there.

Your siren temptress,

Cathy xxx aka Sabrina

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Ahh Caferyne ,If u wasn't a soppy gurl i think i would luv u, chiz, chiz...but cos i'm tuff an' manley s'not poss', i'd get Molesworth2,Peason, Grabber Gillibrand callin' me a weed n' a wet ,jus like that weedy wet Fotherington Thomas, i'd be throwne out of St Custards, hem hem...
I woz talkin' to that fule Tim L' an' he wants tu reed a buke abowt me, The compleet Molesworth, weres my roylties, chiz, chiz.
impressed of St Custards