Thursday, 8 October 2009


The other day two of our brave ministers packed their summer gear and factor 300 sun cream and jetted off to meet our boys 'on the front line'(or 30 miles, or so behind).In Afghanistan.
While they were bravely shaking hands with the troopers before dinner. One loud-mouthed brass-necked trooper blurted out a demand for more men n' equipment. Our highly trained ministers without thinking, leapt into action, putting on a concerned, yet by adopting full eye-contact , an interested look on their faces. This earnestness was compounded by the folding of arms with the 'getting down n' dirty ' look of rolled up to the elbow shirt sleeves, resting on their ministerial pot-bellies. And then tried to put the troopers mind at ease by a promise"That something will be done."But you only had to look at the people involved to see who is having the harder time of it, at the end of the day. This poses the question.."Which is the sharp end and which is the blunt end?".....The soldiers were fit and bronzed; Smart and in good humour and high spirits....Whereas the politicians were overweight, with the buttons of those summer shirts straining at their bellies; Their face were lined ,and their smiles were forced. Although their grey hair was well-coiffeured it was still a little wispy.
The soldiers regulary face the screaming hoards of the Taliban and various terrorists; Missiles, road side bombs, suicide bombers, etc,etc. But its all old stuff to the British army ,we've seen it all before and give them 'a good seeing to!'.......But he politicians have to face the screaming electorate, fight debates, attend conferences staying at top hotels, their every whim top-class catered for. Attend social functions and appear on televiion. They have to slash services they dont use; Cut benefits they haven't any use for and maintain a number of 'second homes,'etc on 'expenses'. Living this hell ,with a smile on their face. And managing to give less answers to straight questions than an SAS man under enemy interrogation. Even coming under enemy fire by the occassional thrown raw egg on telly.
There, if that doesn't convince you who the true heroes are i don't know what will. Forget men and equipment for Afghanistan. We need more MP's; More offices and departments; Funds for committee's and study groups. And, ofcourse much higher expense accounts for our brave boys on the front line of Westminister.

(HA! Magazine

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