Wednesday, 4 January 2012

RONALD SEARLE (R.I.P.)....Chiz,chiz!!!

When i was a snotty kid long ago i remember around christmas they used to show a couple ofilms on the telly most years. They were "THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES." and "MONTE CARLO,OR BUST(Those brave young men in their jaunty jalopies!)",which were just silly fun-packed films and i still love' em. But the thing that caught me ,originally was the opening title sequences. One about these madcap planes and the same sort of thing about cars for the other. I saw the name RONALD SEARLE and it was a long time later until i found any of his work. I saw the original ST TRINIANS films, but didn't realise that they were from his cartoons.(i wont mention them f***kin' remakes!) But my introduction was a literary masterpeice called 'BACK IN THE JUG AGANE!"....These were the adventures of the gorilla of ST CUSTARDS, the inimitable NIGEL MOLESWORTH. I loved the whole series of books crammed with Searles scratchy dip pen drawings and even today still sit and read the wisdom of MOLESWORTH in his observations on life ,the universe, skool sossages and the skool dog!

I now have a good collection of Searles books as his work as a cartoon illustrator covers everything from the plain silly to travel reportage for magazines all over the world for every kind of major event, war zones , even the ADOLPH EICHMAN trial and heaven knows what. His work was ,clever ,funny ,nice to look at and very powerful.

He was a prisoner on the BURMA RAILWAY for most of the war, managing to amass a heap of sketches showing the conditions in the camps,which he managed to smuggle out when they were released and are well worth having a look at. There is a RONALD SEARLE BLOG called PERPETUA and is definitly worth having a look at.(ronald

Ah well, he was my hero and in a world where there is few real legends,theres one less!


Thud said...

As opposed to todays 'celebrities' this is a man who deserved celebrating.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

'Tis true,'Tis true ,isnt it ironic the worlds full of celebrities that nobody knows!

caricature lafontaine said...

I discovered Searles caricatures in your personal librairy. Fantastic...amazing work! Unfortunately no one knows him here in Qu├ębec. Isn't it amazing that we seldom find an artist who is nearly as good as us?

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

My god !you never heard of Ronald Searle ,i knew you were out in the wilds ,but not that far. Theres a few blogs and websites ,just look for Ronald ,one called Perpetua is very good.
Hope you are keeping well and recovered from x mas, take care,mon ami.