Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Theres a BRIAN COX who is the original HANNIBAL LECTOR from the original Hannibal Lector film MANHUNTER,This is all before ANTHONY HOPKINS. But aside from the murdering canibalistic monster that Brian Cox is ,theres another BRIAN COX whose dead dead nice, always smiling and dead dead clever 'cos he's a proffessor of physics and is on the telly every twenty minutes or so. His main shows ,there we go ,not a programme , but a 'show' ...There was 'WONDERS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM, and WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE....Both very good ,with lots of pictures of space n stuff, but lots more of him standing atop mountains and spectacular natural big things looking WISTFULLY to the skies. I mean have you ever seen PATRICK MOORElooking wistful? Over the last few nights, Cox and comedian DARA O'BRIAIN doing a stargazing programme, now the BBC have cottoned onto nightly reality telly about nature ,like summer/winter/spring/autumn watchfor animals, etc. They hit on the stargazing and isnt bad. They try and be funny and silly ,as for some reason everything has to be presented by a comedian. O'Briain is a clever fellah, but Cox tries to be funny as well and ,well stick to wistful physics, Brian!
I got a little pissed off the other day, they interviewed the 'LAST MAN TO WALK ON THE MOON.' Astronaut GENE CERNAN. They asked a few inane ,in my mind, questions about the future of space travel, etc. This mans mission lasted for 3 days on the moons surface and he went up mountains and gazed down canyons ,or Rilles as us spacenuts call 'em, he must've seen the most spectacular alien sights and landscapes of any human, it must've been totally mindblowing.


Thud said...

Cox is the type of little sneak I'd have happily bullied at school.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Your boot up his black hole,eh?

Anonymous said...

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