Saturday, 11 February 2012


Just this morning as i lay on the floor scratching my plums with one hand and holding a gallon mug of heavily sugared tea in the other and watching telly as well.....And they'll tell you its only the women who can multi-task! I was watching a documentary called 'BOMBER BOYS' about the LANCASTERS of Bomber command during the second 'Big One'. I remember as a little snotty kid being absolutly spellbound and awestruck and amazed ,theres a whole heap of similar words and they all apply to my feeling as those ROLLS ROYCE MERLIN ENGINES of that massive LANCASTER BOMBER thundered over my head and i have loved that aircraft ever since. There was a sequence on the programme were the last flying Lancaster was flying over the English countryside and my daughtr looked up from her book in amazement and disgust as her dad watched this airplane tears!!!......."My dad crying over an airplane???"......The kid has no soul.
The Lancaster was designed by a Mr Chadwick from Widnes, just up the road from where i spent a good chunk of my life. And not only did he design the Lancaster ,but the other plane that affected me in the same way as it once swooped over my scruffy young head was the amazingly beooootiful AVRO VULCAN BOMBER, you remember from JAMES BOND ,THUNDERBALL ,the delta wing. The original design was by the same Mr Chadwick ,do you know i think i would've liked Mr Chadwick.
The painting was a first attempt at using acrylic paints and trying a proper painting....I dug it out this morning and ,suprise suprise it was a lot worse than i remembered, I bombed painting a bomber, yes i know the jokes as bad as the painting ,but i've only had one gallon of tea this morning what do you expect?


Anonymous said...

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Thud said...

Tim, whoever wrote the above comment has been at more than tea.your pic is pretty good and I think you should do more of them as you obviously love the subject matter as do I....who isn't moved to tears by the sound of a merlin engine? As for scratching plums, we have several plum trees here so feel free to sit under them and scratch away.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Thats a very kind offer, is our breakfast in town still on one day?

Thud said...

Tim...dim sum one sunday soon?

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Good man ,i'm starvin'