Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Thomas cook-up n' Manchester Airport. Together they can reduce immigration figures for the goverment.

AAAAhh! Home ,at last . Holidays're great ,but it's always nice to come home .Esspecially when you've had to trust yourself to the tender loving care of those twisted bastards at Manchester Airport and Thomas Cook-Up. Who want you to have a true holiday abroad and experiance all that international travel has to offer in the limited time you have available. So, on top of our ,has to be said .Very pleasurable stay in a hotel in Ibizia, with plenty of food and drink,etc. They very kindly threw in what felt like a week at Manchester airport. Hours of delays, with their impressive array of shops,cafe's ,retaurants and bars...ALL CLOSED!!(or closing.) Then .Another couple of hours sitting developing our piles and rheumatism on the plane ,as technical problems were being addressed???

On our return from far off lands to Manchester Airport. I think that the people who run it are so proud of it ,they're frightened of us just rushing through and not paying attention to what a wonderful airport they have. So, they cunningly make you wait a couple of hours for your bags to rattle through on the 'carousel'.

I think i'll have a word with a few of these immigrants that the goverment have horribly miscalculated the numbers flooding in,and see how they get about with such seeming ease.'Cos i'm bloody sure it's not with Thomas Cook-Up n' Manch' Airport. Because , if it was , i think the goverment figures'd be a little nearer the mark .

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