Friday, 19 October 2007

Why all cartoonists are bastards except for me!

A cartoonists lot is not a happy one .Lonely days trying to squeeze inspiration ,genius and humour out of that mushy lump laughingly called a brain. Then when you do strike a nugget of genius ,you just have to sit 'n' wait for the REJECTION SLIP!!!!Ahh, the REJECTION SLIP!!! Then when you do get work published ,getting paid is almost as bigger laff as the original 'gag'(i always hated that word for some reason.)....I know i'm not alone in my gripping ,in fact its often been said ,a collective noun for a group of cartoonists should be something like a ;Grumble/moan /complaint of cartoonists. These're my kind o' guys!Failures 'n'deadbeats...

As i said , if you've been paying attention. A cartoonists life is often a quiet ,lonely one ,straining for ideas. When you hear of other cartoonists ,its normally when their works appeared somewhere, or at some kind of social 'piss up'. So, they're in 'good form'. So, it seems to my embittered mind that everybody except me is picking great ideas out of the ether;Editors are pestering them to hurry up and deliver their work ,and life is wonderful being a cartoonist.When i'm looking at other peoples work ,they always seem to have solved the compositional problems and such that i seem to be plagued with. And the lovely ideas were stuff i'd've gotten around to thinking up eventually. I know i hadn't thought the ideas up yet ,but i still consider it creative theft. My god! How do you people sleep at night?...Probably quite easily, ya "£$%&*'s.

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