Friday, 21 March 2008


The other day i was watching good ol' ,Eamon Holmes on Sky News and he showed some speech that everybodies fave yank, George Bush gave .He was blathering on about how everythings rosy in THE WAR AGAINST TERROR. 'Hmmmmm!', i thinked to myself. What is this terror, i pondered(multi tasking ,thinking ,pondering and contemplating.).I must admit if a member of AL QUEADA came storming through the door waving an AK47 around his head ,i would feel a little nervous. But, when i hear of the U.S. preparing to go anywhere ,it terrifies me ,in fact ,quite frankly it scares the shit outta me.

Uncle Sam ,gawd bless him, has taken on the mantle of the worlds kindly uncle and protector.And considering he's got more money , manpower and equipment than the rest of the world put together, he doesn't have to think twice about racing around the world to show whose boss. Anybody thinking of invading somewhere ,when confronted with an aircraft carrier the size of a large country ,where the deck curves with the earth and the bow is still in daylight when the stern is in darkness,well they may just think twice about the naughty ,nasty military things they were just about to do. This power and might is probably the reason the yanks military record is quite frankly'less than impressive'. They didn't want to join the 1st world war. And when they did ,eventually we had to give them guns. They didn't want to join in the second big 'un,but when they did it was the massive fire and man power that "did it for them",not tactical brilliance an' all that. The Germans and the Brits were united in their lack of respect for Uncle Sam. Generals stomping around in riding jodpeurs and pearl handled revolvers around their waist and a massive 'ceegar' clamped between their teeth.Hollywood did them more favours than they did themselves. Any American will tell you how it was them that won the 'war'.

They've always shown a reticence to fight with us in Europe ,but they broke speed records to get into places like Korea, and Vietnam .Blew both places to smithereens and came away with nothing. The sure sign is that theres hardly any films about Korea and Vietnam outside CHUCK NORRIS, SLY(RAMBO)STALLONE, STEVEN SEAGAL, going into get prisoners out. Lots of cigar chomping and "lets get in there n' kick some ass!"-type dialogue. Where the truth is as we would say it was them who "had their bottoms kicked."And on it goes in Afghanistan .They'll never 'win'.The Russians got booted out,and it's almost home turf for them , and it was a full scale invasion. The yanks are in a 'policing action' from the other side of the planet. And ,of course Iraq has become one badly screwed up military quagmire of a place.The yanks are always going somewhere, but never seem to get anywhere. And we're getting dragged along as well.

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