Thursday, 15 May 2008


The grotty grey warrington canopy of rain clouds break apart and reveal a bit of blue sky and then, if thats not suprising and unusual enough. The sun breaks through!..Real, honest to god sunlight...Bright n' hot n' everything that sunlight is meant to be, just like i seem to remember it being. I will take advantage of this climatic miracle( for this part of the world, anyhow.).So, i got a few copies of the two years supply of Victor comics, i'd gotten off the E-bay; Kitted myself up in my sun gear. The vest, socks, sandals and khaki shorts, handed down through the generations of style concious Leatherbarrows. I sat outside to 'soak up some rays', and to read about ;'The tough of the track,' Alf Tupper! The only man to win the olympics, after a plate of fish n' chips; Braddock of the bombers. They always said how the British bombing in the war was 'a little off the mark', in other words, not very accurate. Well, they didn't know about Braddock. He could drop a bomb on a nasty German 'Kraut', right between his "Donner" unt his "Blitzen!". And there was a heap of others to rekindle my war mad youth with.
This peace was then interupted by me scratching my leg. I glanced down to see a pile of ants scurrying around my feet n' legs, crawling up and down the cracks of the paving stones of the patio. Soon after, before i'd finished stomping and slapping the little bastards to death there was the sounds of metal springs 'boinging' away. As, so it seems, every house in the area has a trampoline in the garden, and so ,every kid in the area decided. "Sun out, lets hit the trampoline." As the twanging and boinging increased in intensity, they were suddenly drowned out by the combined onslaught of every motor mower, or electric or petrol driven gardening tool within 15-20 miles being 'fired up'. I stood up and could see the odd puff of exhaust fumes, and bouncing above the garden fences, in every direction i cared to look was a snotty little kid's head for a second to be snatched away by good ol' gravity, but slung back into view by nasty ol' potential energy in the coiled spring and rubber of the trampoline.
Bloody sunshine! bring back the rain and wind, a least you can get some peace. And you don't feel you should be outside enjoying the weather, you can stay in n' be miserable.

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Thud said...

I loved getting the Victor and Valiant on a sturday.