Friday, 9 May 2008


I think i'll start smoking. It may well damage your health, kill you, make you smell and be totally anti-social and virtually illegal. But it looks like fun during that limited period while your healthy and alive. Why? I hear you ask.( Well i heard something.) When you go to a boozer these enlightened days when smokers are banned from 'lighting up'inside, they all go outside and 'light up. So, inside are the drinking partners left nursing their rapidly flattening fizzy lager, whilst all the smokers are outside having an absolute ball. The drinkers sit there looking at the walls or ceiling sipping their drink, listening to the 'hootin' n' hollerin', laughing and loud conversations of 'both sexes' outside. This in stark contrast to the quiet of the bar. Like a star within a planetary nebulae of an interstellar gas cloud preventing the light escaping across the universe. The 'Baccy' nebulae of 'fag gas' masks the fun and socialising going on amongst 'the smokers'. Whereas , originally the 'smokers'd' nip outside for a 'quick drag'. Now, they're more likely to stay n' light up again. Not because they're gaspin' for a fag, but just so they dont have to come back inside to the bar to get bored shitless and, probably collared for a round of drinks.
A pub nearby, and it's not alone, has a sheltered, heated, seated area with a telly for the 'smokers'. It's ,sort of outside, but unless its freezing cold,etc, the drinkers'd be quite happy to sit there rather than inside. They've managed to convince me. A lifelong non-smoker that smoking is a stylish, social pastime, you make lots of new friends and cough your lungs up together. In fact i may even try a pipe.

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