Wednesday, 21 May 2008


This is an example of one of those ideas that hits you, you think, "Wow, thats great!" Get off your lazy fat arse and start scribbling, inking, and even painting away to illustrate that great idea. Then, you come to a point where you think to yourself. "Well, maybe, it's not such a good idea." Which does happen. But since i've drawn the picture, i'm not gettin' paid, and none of you lot could give a' toss', anyhow. I'm afraid it's 'tough titties', cos, it's going on to the blog, so there.

It's meant to be a piccie of me being held up, like Harrison Ford, at the end of that excellent film, BLADE RUNNER. Rutger Hauer, as the replicant leader saves me/Ford from falling off a building. Then Hauer gives the best end dialogue of any film, ever! You know the one. About ,"Attack ships off the shoulder of Orion. And. C-Beams, and the Tannhouser gates..All these moments lost like tears in the rain, etc..."..Brilliant! I could listen to it for hours.Even if i haven't a bloody clue what the hell it's all about. It's still just great. It's on the excellent Vangelis soundtrack.

The reason for all this 'blathering' is quite simple. I'd been listening to a copy of the aforementioned Vangelis soundtrack. That evening, the Lovely Lynne was out rehearsing with one of the bands she plays with. I've lost track of her musical comings n' goings.So, i stay, sprawled out on the couch watching Dvd's. This particular night,inspired by the soundtrack, i finally got around to playing 'Blade runner..The final cut???'( As there's been about 47 different versions released since, it's release. Studio versions, directors cuts, etc, etc.). But, anyhow, i enjoyed watching Harrison Ford n' Rutger Hauer knocking 7-bell's outta each other. And, retired to my bed with a head full of futuristic cities , rogue replicants, going wild on the outer planets, and here on earth Harrison Ford n' all the other 'Blade Runners' hunting them down.

Not too suprisingly, i s'pose. I had a dream. I was a hunter of Rogue INK-RUBBER!...So, i had to illiminate these not human cartoonists. At the end, Rutger Hauer made a guest appearance. Just as well he did, too. I had fallen off a building and he grabbed me and hauled me back onto the roof, and even gave me a version of his closing speech from the film. Here it is. About rogue cartoonists returning to Earth after going wild at off world cartoon festivals.

"I have seen things, you people wouldn't believe. Smashed cartoonists, on fire, shouldering their way to the bar of Ryans( a pub in Rathdrum, Ireland.)

I have seen Hunt Emersons glasses glitter in the dark near Birkenhead Town Hall gate.

All these moments will be lost in time.

Like beer dregs down the drain .....Time to die...From some shocking hangovers....."

In the film, the mystery is, is the Blade Runner(Harrison Ford) a replicant himself?..Likewise, in my version. Is the Ink Rubber(thats me.), am i really a cartoonist? Will we ever know the answers?

There! I told you, it seemed like a good idea, at the time.

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