Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Today is St Swithins day, the patron saint of lost causes....Which some people might say ,'was quite apt', as, today, St Swithins day is my birthday!Upon this very day a vast number of years ago. (1960, there, work that out yerself, yer thick bastards.) Your hero was born in the fair city of Liverpool. It was all black n' white, then. And the Beatles hadn't even been invented; Doctor Who wasn't even thought of; And condoms, were made of lorry tyre rubber and nobody bothered to use 'em as they were next to useless. So today ,as i can see the 'big 5-OOOOOHHH,( or is it AAAAAAARRRGGGHH?) looming fairly close, and looming ever closer on the temporal horizon. I'll have a quite lazy day, much like yesterday, and probably tomorrow. You can't have too much excitment when you get to my age. Not that there's much chance of that in the wild un-tamed badlands of Warrington. But my daughter(the little 'un), she's bustin' a gut with excitment. She shares, or has taken over my birthday ,for lost causes, as we share the same birthday. She's a little younger than me, mind.

The Lovely Lynne's got a highly classiffied birthday in 11 days time. Even i don't know for sure her exact age, as when we first met she was 35 for about 5 years, which confused the issue. There's nothing more confusing and complex than a womans age, anyhow...There, that'll put me right in the dog house, even if it is my birthday.

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Kes said...

Ten years older than me eh? A belated happy birthday you old sod.