Thursday, 31 July 2008


The other day, on the radio there was a story about some African country, possibly that nice Mr Mugabe's part of the world. They decided that 'runaway inflation' would have to be arrested along with a good chunk of the population. Those eagle-eyed financial wizards figured that it was getting out of hand when a loaf of bread hit, get this...EIGHT THOUSAND BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!....Not bad, eh? That's an 8 with a lot of noughts after it.(a damn sight more noughts to the right of the number ,than the average workers earn, i'd imagine.). This means that the land where bananas come from, has the most exspensive banana butties in the world! It is these noughts ,which are not only the problem, but could be the cure. The finely honed economical minds in charge have decided to cut off the noughts from these fantastic numbers to make them into a little more respectable numbers. The noughts wont be stuck onto the wage figures,(unless its to the left of the number). That is unless its the politicians wages.(That'll be to the right of the very big number).
Our politicians aren't as sneaky and of as lateral turn of mind as our African friends, they just carry on boosting the cost of everything up, dont pay us any more to pay for everything, but make sure they can afford everything by boosting their money up more than enough to keep well ahead of the rest of us peasants struggling to earn our daily bread n' banana butty.


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