Monday, 10 December 2007

In the good ol' US of A, they're not having a good time of it lately .A new bunch of nutters have decided they want to become famous for being complete and utter 'whacko's', shooting up schools , shopping malls and now churches. Admittedly, churches have been attacked before, but what struck me about this particular case,was that the gunman was shot by an ARMED CHURCH SECURITY GUARD. Not taking anything away from this mans heroic act, i can't help wondering what this church security man does the rest of the time .I mean the average church is empty ,most of the time ,except for cleaners and ladies putting flowers on the alter; The priest doing bits of holy stuff and stacks hymnn books up n' stuff,etc ,etc .But ,all done under the steely ,eagle-eyes of our highly trained ,ex special forces vet, (everybody in the US was in the special forces). The main dangerpoint in the day ,code red ,if you like must be confession. Our hero must be on hand to cover the priest as he faces these 'perp's. And to make sure they don't escape their punishment and skip church ,but kneel and say their ,'Our Fathers 'and Hail Mary's, before going back onto 'The street.'' Then of course is the collection on Sunday ,when the church is full of good ol' American Walton/Partridge families,at church while the apple pie is cooking in the oven at home. The 15$ 45 cents collected has to be protected until the bank opens on the Monday morning .Our hero is responsible for getting it there safely.It's an exciting life in church security. I wonder if the next John Rambo film is a story around his adventures as an armed church security guard.

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