Sunday, 2 December 2007

In response to the last blog announcement about me taking on the part time post of Minister of Defence, the lovely SIMON ELINAS, cartoonist /caricaturist and all round enthusiast got in touch. He commented about me using the soldiers i ussually have for breakfast. I was going to reply along the lines of, how they would have ',egg on their faces'. When it's normally the politicians who would. This witty banter reminded me of when i were ,'nowt but a lad!'. When , if your flies were open, you were said to have ,'egg on your face/chin.' I had a vision of our brave boys marching erect ,steely eyed and square jawed into battle with their flies wide open to the blazing sun ,and the scorching desert winds. That should frighten the local baddies back into the hills. Reminicient of the wonderful 'CARRY ON UP THE KHYBER.' Where the THIRD FOOT N' MOUTH, Known to the enemy BHURPERS, ruled by the evil BUNGDIT DIN,as the 'DEVILS IN SKIRTS'. When the 'Devils 'showed the Bhurpers they weren't wearing anything under their kilts they fled in terror.
Just maybe 'our boys' with their flies wide open could ellicit a similar response. The locals would be in awe and fear of ,'THE DEVILS WHO WEAR NO BUTTONS IN THEIR FLIES.'

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