Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Reading about that bloke who dissapeared 5n'1/2 years ago. Then he suddenly walks into a London police station to announce he's not dead ,but got caught in heavy traffic on the A1 coming down from the North East after his canoe run aground,or something. This episode brought back memories of a painful time for me,when i once dissappeared.I didn't throw myself into the sea ,as Warrington isn't too close to the coast,and it was too cold to be bothered travelling .So,symbolically shedding my old life, i stripped off my cloths in the utility room on the way into the studio. The studio's such a shit'ole that nobody would ever find me .I neededto 'solve some issues and find myself'.I found myself after about 5,1/2 days,thought about it ,and decided i was better off not finding myself, and decided the journey of discovery was a waste of time. So ,i got up and announced to the world i was back ,unable to remember the hell i'd been through in the studio(i mean it hadn't been tidied in months.)..Nobody believed me .It was claimed the missus claimed my life insurance,as she was seen ordering a chinese takeaway and putting a gallon of petrol in the car.And because the mother in law was coming to visit...It's all rubbish ! Nobody had noticed i'd even gone

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