Thursday, 6 December 2007


Only the other night i went to watch the missus play another gig ,like the good groupie i am ,or would like to be given any opportunity. I wont name the club or even the location of the unsaid club,cos ,basically i'd like to carry on living for a bit longer. I'm not greedy seeking immortality ,or anything like that ,but a few more years would be much appreciated. And being a Leatherbarrow , coming from a long noble proud line of cowards i'm not about to compromise this simple ambition. The reason i'm keeping schtum and writing this in the dark of the back of the garage, wearing a false beard and one of the missus's dresses is so i wont be seen or recognised ,or draw attention to myself ,is because i'm living in fear for my life.
The unsaid club was sold out for the 'gig'. The tickets sold so well that the DJ decided to print a pile ofhis own extra tickets. The place was 'chokka'!....People were turned back there was murder,the bar was murder, oh we had such fun. The thing was ,tho. The place was mainly full of women ,and rough? Rough doesn't even begin to describe them .Hard as nails . I'm Liverpool/Irish, and more than used to rough houses and bad language ,etc,etc and general family entertainment. But nothing like this ,i was genuinley terrified of these 'ladies' effin' n' blinding ,guzzling pints .I have never seen women drink pints of Mild ,or Guiness virtually 'in one'.Thankfully, the band went down 'a storm',gawd bless 'em.Then at the end of the night ,there was fights all over and outside in the rainy streets....All women ,every one . The fairer sex?

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