Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I was watching the telly t'other night and there was an advert (now theres a thing.) for some film that came out last week and is out on DVD this week ,or maybe it totally bypassed the cinema release and went straight to the bargain rack at the checkout at Asda. This is a sign of a quality bit o' film.( Just a little 'trade secret 'from a film buff). But ,anyhow thats not what this is all about. In some film they'll have a stunt and you can guarantee that every film over the coming year or so ,will incorporate that stunt in some way. This could be a car stunt or a physical action scene. A few years ago ,they invented the exploding fireball in the tunnel stunt/special effect. Remember our favourite scientologit ,a mr Thomas Cruise in ,MISSION IMPOSSIBLE?..At the end an explosion and fireball blows him along the tunnel onto the roof of a train. The same thing was used to scorch a certain mr Jimmy Bond's ringpiece in, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH. As our hero was swinging through another tunnel ,an oil pipeline i think. But this fireball in the tunnel seemed to turn up all over the place. The latest stunt that seems to be getting a good hammering is, our hero having a gunfight on a staircase .Then making his escape and wiping out the baddies by leaping down the centre of the staircase while blasting away at the dozy bastards chasing him ,not thinking laterally ,but just plodding up the stairs. This secret agent multitasking was first seen on ,THE BOURNE IDENTITY. He jumps on a body to break his 8 storey fall and blows the others to bits. Variations on that seem to be turning up. It used to be car chases ,now it's flights of stairs. The new indiana jones films out soon, will him n' his snakes be in a tunnel or on a flight of stairs.

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