Monday, 14 January 2008


It's official the fair city of Liverpool is now the 2008, European city of culture. Or if your one of the poor locals who's had to get around all the 'farting around within the city to prepare the place for this 'honour', it's more like the European city of clutter. But ,at 8 minutes past 8 p.m., it all kicked off. 20.08p.m....2008a.d.(geddit?) , on a bloody freezing cold night. One of Liverpools most famous sons was hoisted onto the highly exposed roof of the St Georges hall, with nought ,but a set of drums to whack n' belt to warm himself up with. Ringo Starr was back! Apparently the whole bash went very well and everybody had a ball. The infamous Liverpool city council couldn't have had anything to do with it then,as it was a success and went smoothly. But their faces were in the papers,even more so than ol' Ringo's. But he's only a drummer ,he's not in politics,y'see.
I've always liked ol' Ringo. He was a working drummer for all kinds of bands in the early days and was highly thought of amongst the music cicuit in those dark halcyon days. His C.V. isn't too bad. Rory Storm ,then a certain 'Beat combo', going by the name of the Beatles.(whatever became of them ,eh?).He was the drummer on some of the greatest music ever put to disc...The rest of the greatest band ,ever (well, there is the Who, but we'll keep it simple for now.)... were more than happy with him. It' only 'intellectual' Beatle fans (Aaaargh !) and music critics(yuk !) who feel Ringo deserves the abuse and grief heaped upon him through the years...It was said Keith Moon was the best Keith Moon drummer in the world . Ringo could be similary classed...No ,not the best Keith Moon drummer in the world, the best Ringo drummer in the world. His son Zak Starkey ,is probably the best Keith Moon drummer in the world ,these days.

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Simon Ellinas said...

Of course, he and keith Moon were the best of friends (see the DVD "The Kids Are Alright") and though Ringo was a brilliant drummer, as good as Moon, his talent was restrained by the simplistic demands of Beatles music.