Friday, 25 January 2008


A few days ago , myself and a couple of old(n' getting older ) mates where in a Liverpool drinking den partaking in some social liquid refreshment to excess. A habitual problem that seems to occur whenever we do meet up. Part of the conversation that took place between mouthfuls of Guinness concerned our advancing years. It was generally agreed that we all felt as we did when we were 16/18..But it was also commented upon ,how hangovers do seem to hangover a lot longer than once they did (by about a week.) .The other day i decided i would go ,not for a jog ,or even a run , but a full sprint along the nearby woods and paths ..Get the muscles working and the blood pounding through the vessels.......
Well. i took off, and, almost immediatly i noticed a definite lack of bounce in the ankles and toes; An inability to accelerate to any point that could be anywhere near to being described as a sprint; The flat footed stumbling was murder on the base of the back ,and i was gasping through my wide open mouth like a warthog having an asthma attack. With my tongue hanging a good 8 inches over my bottom lip ,i shall never forget the look of fear and horror on some woman i stumbled past. I crashed through the front door,(i did open it first), to dose up on rest n' relaxation,as well as a few gallons of tea n'sugar. If this is what i felt like as a teenager, i must've been a bloody mess,it's a miracle i've survived this long......As long as your in the boozer knocking the pints back ,or lying on the couch watching the telly,or watching other silly bastards excercising. You can fool yourself ,your the same as you were years ago .Just don't try and prove it.
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