Tuesday, 22 January 2008


The brain is, so i'm lead to believe ,a truly wonderful and remarkable' piece of kit. Damn near every physical movement , feeling and thought originates from that lump of grey mush stuffed up in the bodies equivalent of an attic,the cranium. My cranium is like a dusty old attic , full of dust ,cobwebs and boxes n' crates of half forgotten junk. All stuff that you'd never need ,but you just don't want to throw it all away. The other thing about all the 'stuff' in my attic,is, that none of it is in any kind of order or system.If you threw a heap o' shit at a net , a lot will go through , but some will stick,it's just bits n' pieces ,but it's still crap.And that , dear reader is a good description of my powers of recall,and what is laughingly called my 'higher functions'(!,mmmm?). What this basically means is that i can name all the Gerry Anderson characters and their vessels from Thunderbirds ,Fireball XL5, etc ,but i couldn't tell you how long i've been married,my post code , or ,basically anything that might be construed by ,people like my totally bemused and quite often disgusted missus ,The lovely Lynne, as important. I had accepted the fact that the memory ,well mine anyhow was not quite what it should be .But ,the other major facet of the brain , which ,i thought made up for my other flaws, was my imagination. It afforded me a good living for a long time as a busy cartoonist (ahh , i remember the days ,just!). But now i sit seeking inspiration to write and educate the world through the inciteful finger on the pulse crap on this here blog. But since the festive period that ability ,unlike my good self hasn't returned to the drawing board. If i could take the brain out ,whack it against the wall; Thump it with a lump hammer; Flatten it with a pastry roller;Stick a food blender or mixer into the brain case ,anything to stir up the ol' 'grey matter' n' get the old neurons n' cells sparking again. And then when i'm inspired , i can write an article about not being inspired...And getting inspired, to write an article about about not being inspired ....But getting inspired to write an article about getting inspired to write an article about not being inspired ...And getting,(on n' on n' on ,ad nauseum.you get the idea?)

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