Monday, 7 January 2008

Well, thats it!..It's next year already .Today is a dark, wet ,windy first proper Monday morning of 2000 n'8. Also , apparently it's called D-DAY. This is because there are more divorces applied for today than any other day of the year. The salivating lawyers, were at their offices first thing today to welcome the upset pissed off spouses to their client list. It seems the majority of the 'upset ,pissed off spouses ,paying into the lawyers bank accounts are the 'missus's' of the failed marriage .And, in the main, the reason for this marital breakdown is due to the husbands behaviour at the works christmas party. If they no longer have a wife ,at least they have the memories of the party to keep them warm,depending how much they had to drink on the night. Non of this was a problem for me. Being a home worker(not ,wrecker!)...My wild times over the festive period were confined to the joys the christmas Radio Times had to offer me. So, bad personal habits aside ,my marriage is safe.
I turned on the news this morning and i knew the New year had started ,as MrGordon Brown our beloved P.M. was on to say how it was a time for 'new challenges, etc,etc,blah,blah' and how the NHS was going to be re-organised. The rail network have started to improve the services by, CLOSING DOWN RAILROUTES, AND RAISING PRICES??????.....And the baggage controls in those wonderful palaces of chaos n' confusion, the AIRPORTS ,or should that be ERRR(?)PORTS ?...They have decided that your baggage allowance depends upon; WHAT AIRPORT; WHAT AIRLINE ; WHAT DESTINATION???????.... There, now that should simplify everything!

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