Wednesday, 9 January 2008


I've always hated politicians n' politics, i think politicians are without doubt the lowest form of life on the planet. So low, that they could only be created by man. No other creature on this vast rock has a political system. They may have various 'social' systems , but they have been spared politicians. Animals may live in,and feed on shit, but thats their way ,their natural choice .We are the only animal that elects and pays for people to forcefeed us nothing but pure unadulterated shit!....This is the definition of a politician. They are so horrible they are fascinating in their own way. The old joke about how you tell wether a politician is lying by the fact his lips are moving has been proven to be a keen observation ,rather than a joke. The people who become politicians always seem to be the 'snotty little gobshites' that everybody hated at school, but unlike most of their classmates who probably grew to become 'a decent fellah.' These, grew to become grown up 'snotty little gobshites'. One of the fine breed was on the telly today on about how the goverment (gawd bless 'em)are going to spend a fortune on cleaning hospitals to reduce the chances of catching 'the plague', as soon as you walk into the hospital reception. I have a lot of nurses in my family and they have said how standards have dropped ,all due to goverment (gawd bless 'em) screwing around through the years. They reckon it's safer to stay out and be operated in the car park than the operating theatre. But , not to worry the goverment (gawd bless 'em) have hit on a brilliant crazy idea! Lets have clean hospitals WOW! It's just crazy enough ,it might just work! Wars ;Crumbling economy; Runaway(or run thisway) immigration, etc, etc, etc,.....It's all good stuff.
Our lot are bad enough ,but the really frightening politicians and politics are on the other side of the pond. In the 'good ol U.S.ofA. '...These guys are really horrible and it really is money and power that speaks loudest in 'the land of the free!'. There was a line on the news ,now the presidential elections are starting(oh joy!)..That you 'can't pull the wool over the American voters eyes'..Well ,the corrupt ,war mongering, sexually deranged, senile nutters who have occupied the oval office through the years have had a bloody good go at it . Here in good ol 'Blighty' ,on the whole we couldn't give a shit if Gordon Brown or David Cameron were in town, which says a lot for us Brits. But ,i cannot understand the excitment that the endless presidential elections illicit in the 'states'. It's madness , total insanity, what am i so puzzled about ,they are yanks after all !

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