Wednesday, 9 May 2012


As you probably were stunned and amazed that your glorious leader rubs shoulders with the rich and famous on an almost annual basis. This  was not only ably shown ,but more along the lines of amazingly ,astoundingly, etc shown by the addition of a video clip on the blog page....Impressed?...And so you bloody well should be!.....As you all well know my computer knowledge is on par with the average stone age man. But nevertheless. I STUCK A BLOODY VIDEO ON THE BLOG!!!!!...As to how i did this monumentous task....I HAVEN'T A BLOODY CLUE!!!.....If i try again it'll be back to pressing buttons and hoping and preying that something within a few billion light years of what i intended actually happens.

But for now ,still shocked and stunned that it got on and stunned that it stayed there, I have allowed myself a little smugness to seep through my usual cool demeanour, as theres only a recuperating wife and the dog at home with me they've been getting the full onslaught of not only  the original shock , but the Joy then the unbearable smugness. But do, i implore you have a look at what a  handsome devil the cartoonist is (thats me, by the way)..As i'm sure many of you have wondered how gorgeous i am in the flesh. But i hope you enjoy the tape its something a little different.

The CHATTOON was setup by,a certain SIMON ELLINAS of the parishwho read the blog, thought it was brilliant and put a computer connection on the comment section on the piece ,so you can click on to any of the other CHATTOONS. and see how the other caricaturists aren't half as good as me.

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Thud said...

Very clever stuff indeed...well impressed.