Saturday, 5 May 2012



                                                                                             As anyone who reads this shit on anything like a semi regular basis will know i am a great lover of humour, comedy and general funny stuff ,i'm not claiming theres any in here from me ,but theres plenty out there, the only problem is that it is ,in my ill-considered opinion long past. In these days were every second gobshite in the land is a 'comedian' and does 'stand up' .....And i think i hate every fuckin' one of them. I was tootling around YOU TUBE t'other day and hit on a few MARTY FELDMAN classics and was filled with a creative ardour and decided to pay homage to a true comic genius by painting a caricature of the man himself.

Being of a cartooning persuasion since i was old enough to draw nudey women i have always had a perpensity for ink. All cartoons and comic strip artists are a slave to the ink outline and ink shading and cross hatching . These days if you look on the internet a lot of caricaturists over the last few years were painting caricatures as they would a portrait with paint ,everything from watercolour to acrylic to oils and not a single .....(s'cuse me as i pause to shudder in horror and disbelief)....drop of ink was used. As a traditional cartoonist brought up when caricatures were and in my etes still are a form of cartoon and were drawn in ink as all the wonderful editorial cartoons(R.I.P.) through the years were drawn. Now all the caricature sites are flooded with digitally drawn caricatures and i have to admit they are on the whole beautiful pieces. But they are so good and the computer allows you to play around and redo everything they are damn near perfect. The only thing that saddens me is the fact that the original artists scribbling and inking and painting in the traditional prehistoric way on paper had their own style forged through years of getting around problems in achieving likenesses and making a funny universe in a square on a sheet of newsprint. They worked around their mistakes and often the error of their ways produced an unexpected nugget or occassional mother load of gold...Like most things the spirit and soul has been swallowed by the perfection able to be achieved on the keyboard. And i cant for the life of me do digital artwork. So, i thought i'd try to do some painted work with acrylic paint.

They do say practice makes perfect . The main problem with that is practice involves getting off your arse and doing'it'. So i've had a very hit n' miss time with my painted caricatures. I did the MARTY FELDMAN one and was pleased as punch with the pencil drawing ,but slapped the pain on and seemed to lose something. I had to grit me teeth ,bite me lips ,squeeze my buttocks ,anything to prevent the inbuilt genetic urge to apply ink. I did the picture ,put it on FACEBOOK and a few people commented and as i had a scan of the painted Marty .....I snapped ,i broke totally and inked in the painting!.....So there ,dear reader above you is the finished two results. The bottom of the two is the inked version.

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Kes said...

Well, I prefer your inked version, Tim.